Since graduating from St Martin's School of Art, where I studied Graphic Design specialising in Illustration, I've worked as a freelance illustrator for various book publishers, magazine and greetings card companies etc including George Phillip & Son, Macmillan, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, Heinemann, Reader's Digest, Religious and Moral Press, The Kitchen Garden, DC Thomson & Co, Phoenix Trading, and more recently The Goodwood Estate, Scholastic and Rizzoli.

I've drawn for as long as I can remember and it's my passion. I am obsessed with detail, whether it's in the smallish garden map illustrations (or the doodles, which I can't help making!), or something much bigger, like the Norton motorcycle workshop. I tend to work with old-fashioned dip-pens, ink and watercolour, using the same lovely old tin of paints I've had since I was a student and am very attached to - I just keep topping up the colours!

I have some prints of my work for sale on Etsy - please see my 'shop' page.